Camera Operator | Steadicam Operator | MK-V Omega Revolution Operator

Kelly Pun is located in Atlanta, Georgia with over 18 years of experiences on film productions. She works on many union feature films and TV series as Camera and Steadicam and Alien Revolution Operator. She is also one of a few MK-V Alien Revolution steadicam system owners in the East Coast.  Recently she has worked on The TV Series, “In New York“, the feature film “Alvin and The Chimpmunks: Road Chip“, Showtime’s “Billions“, the Japanese Commercial “Kirin-Mets“, The  Amazon series “Z: The Beginning of Everything“, “Ray Donovan“, “Ms. Marvel“, and “NFL Films to name a few.

Kelly enjoys collaborating with crews and creative individuals in US and internationally. She works and thinks fast, always looking to push the creative envelope and always a problem solver on and off set. She is always looking for ways to combine the breadth of her cultural diversity and experience with the projects she does.

Kelly Pun - Camera Operator, Steadicam Operator, MK-V Omega Revolution